Early Treatment

There are many benefits of early evaluation. As per the American Association of Orthodontics, the first orthodontic screening should be at age seven, to prevent future problems. Early diagnosis and monitoring allow us to take full advantage of a time when the patient’s bone and facial structure is easier to shape.

I have therefore chosen a very personal treatment philosophy: At the patient’s examination, I evaluate the amount and direction of facial growth, excess spacing between the teeth, crowding and extra / missing teeth. I also look at habits that may affect growth and dental development, such as thumb sucking or tongue-thrusting. As per my first examination, I may treat a problem that must be treated early or place the child under observation every 3-6 months. We will then monitor his growth while permanent teeth erupt and his maxillaries continue to develop. TIMING in orthodontics is a KEY factor and we don’t want to start too early or to late. The Leeway space, which is the extra space between the baby molars and the permanent premolars underneath is also a critical factor for the outcome of the orthodontic treatment. That is why the observation recall visits are very important.