International Orthodontics

International Orthodontics is a practice put together by Doctor AnaMaria Muñoz. Dr. Muñoz, a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, is an orthodontist for children and adults in a solo practice setting. Her patient-centered practice emphasizes the philosophy that "Less is More"- that with fewer patients comes better quality care (read an article where she explains this further).

As a result, a meaningful relationship is created with each patient and family which in turn leads to acceptance, trust and understanding. Each individual is treated with as much dignity and respect as possible. Furthermore, as a faculty member at New York University, she became knowledgeable and proficient in all the latest techniques.

Dr. Muñoz's international background: being born in Colombia, raised in Paris, and educated in the United States, provides an added attribute of being tri-lingual and open to different cultures and needs.

She openly invites parents and children to come in for a consultation.